Longboat Key Bicycle Association

By FloridaBicyclist

Longboat Key Bicycle Association was founded in 2017 by Howard Tessler and Ronald Gricius. We were frustrated by the state of the bicycle lane on GMD (Gulf of Mexico Drive.) Cars and trucks treated the bike lane as if it were the shoulder and parked there and ignored the bike riders. Parts of the bike lane were overgrown by grass and covered in sand.
The LBKBA was established as a non-profit organization. In order to encourage membership, there was no charge to join or maintain membership. Initially, I would stop bike riders on the street and encourage them to join.
I met with the police who have been very supportive in getting people to respect not parking in the Bike Lane. Isaac Brownman for the town has been very helpful and keeping the bike lane clear of grass overgrowth and broken glass. Riding the bike lane in 2023 is a much superior experience to what it was in 2017.
I encourage bike riders to join the LBKBA, There is no charge and the more members we have the stronger our voice. As of Jan 15,2023 there are 11r4 members.

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