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Florida Bicycling ebike buying guide

Welcome to the FloridaBicycling.com eBike Buying Guide.

Not since the Safety Bicycle dethroned the Penny Farthing has the Bicycle industry seen such a shift as we are seeing with Electronic Bikes. eBikes span every discipline and are popular among every age group and demographic of cyclist.

Say what you want about eBikes, but here at FloridaBicycling.com we think that the more people who ride bicycles, the better. We put this eBike Buying guide together to help you compare different models of eBikes.

The eBike buying guide is organized by type, price and manufacturer. We’ve got everything from road eBikes to tricycle eBikes.

We’ll continue to add more models and manufacturers and hopefully will be doing some review soon as well.

Featured eBikes

Rad Power RadRover 6

The RadRover 6 is the latest version of the bike that started it all. It’s equipped with five pedal-assist settings, plus a zero assist option. The range is stated at 25 to more than 45 miles on a charge and has a top speed of 20 mph.

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RadRover 6 Plus Fat Tire eBike

Ride1Up CF Racer 1 ebike

Ride1Up CF Racer1

The Ride1Up CF Racer1 is a lightweight carbon fiber eBike available in road and gravel versions. The 250-watt hub motor and battery are discretely housed within the frame and hub.

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RadRunner 3 Plus eBike

The RadRunner 3 Plus eBike is the latest offering in Rad Power Bikes’ Utility lineup. It can carry a 120 pounds on the rear rack – perfect for taking a smaller passenger for a ride.

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RadRunner 3 plus

Ride1Up Prodigy V2 eBike

Ride1Up Prodigy V2

The Prodigy V2 can be equipped with a continuous variable transmission hub and Gates Carbon Belt-Drive.

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Mokwheel Basalt

With the Basalt, Mokwheel introduced the concept of the Power Station eBike, which allows you to harness the power of the battery to charge various electronic devices, such as phones, laptops and coffee makers. Handy for when the power goes out!

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Mokwheel Basalt