Full Suspension eBike Buying Guide

Puckipuppy Corgi Full Suspension eBike

Puckipuppy Corgi full-suspension eBike

The Puckipuppy Corgi is home to a unique combination of full-suspension and 20-inch wheels. Advertised as a long-range eBike, the Corgi has a range of 40-80 miles per charge and…

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Mokwheel Obsidian full-suspension eBike

Mokwheel Obsidian Full-Suspension eBike

The Mokwheel Obsidian Full-Suspension eBike, shares some similarities with the Basalt, but also differs in some key areas. Most notably, the Obsidian has a rear shock absorber to help with…

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puckipupy labrador ebike

Puckipuppy Labrador/Boxer ST off-road eBike

The Puckipuppy Labrador is a dual-suspension eBike that rides on 26×4-inch fatbike tires. Puckipuppy is a brand that was inspired by its owner’s dog Pudding, and therefore all of the…

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