Mokwheel introduces e-bikes that can charge your devices

By FloridaBicyclist
mokwheel power station ebike
Image provided by Mokwheel | A cyclist rides the Mokwheel Basalt ST.

With hurricane season officially upon us, one question on the mind of many a Floridian is how to deal when the power goes out. E-bike manufacturer Mokwheel has introduced a line of bikes that just might be able to help when the lights to go out.

Not only can Mokwheel e-bikes recharge using solar electricity, which is helpful when the power is out, they can also charge your devices using an onboard battery via a 1000-watt sine wave inverter.

According to Mokwheel, the bike’s battery can power a 60-watt TV for 13 hours, a 900-watt electric grill for 45 minutes and can charge an iPhone 100 times and laptop 7 times via the optional inverter. The inverter includes 2 USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and two standard AC outlets.

The optional foldable solar panels produce 230 watts and can fully recharge the bike’s battery in 4 or 5 hours of direct sun. The solar panels can also directly charge mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Mokwheel has three models of “power station e-bikes” that can be paired with the optional solar panels and inverter.

The Basalt is an all-terrain bike that rolls on 26″ wheels with four-inch fat-bike tires. It weighs 79 pounds and has an electric range of 60-80 miles. It has a 750-watt electric motor powered by a Samsung lithium ion 48v battery. Shifting is accomplished by a 1×7 speed Shimano drivetrain. Stopping is courtesy of hydraulic disc brakes. The basalt has a rear rack and can carry up to 400 pounds. It retails for $1,990 without the solar panels and inverter.

There is also a step-thru version of the Basalt, which offers the same specs, but without the top bar.

The Scoria is Mokwheel’s 20-inch wheel Power Station e-bike. It features most of the same specs as the Basalt models, but comes with four-inch tires, a step-through frame and a wooden rear rack. The Scoria can accommodate riders from 4’8″ to 6’0″ in height and weighs 79 pounds. It also retails for $1,990.

The optional solar panels and inverter are available as combo packs for the Basalt, Basalt ST and Scoria for $2,997 (add the “Super Long Range Kit”). A combo without the solar panels and just the inverter is available for $2,398 (add the “Power Station Kit”).