Road Sharks Cycling Tampa Bay

By FloridaBicyclist
Road Sharks Cycling

ROAD SHARKS are a group of Safe, Happy, Aware, Respectful, Kind, Super Cyclists! OUR NAME is our Mission Statement!! Our purpose is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through cycling with friends and give back to the community and environment by participating in charity events. We are also about friendship and social time! Many of our members have known each other and ridden together for years. We are fortunate to have built the friendships which make this group so special (so if you’re just interested in rides with the sole purpose of a “hammerfest” and no regard for your fellow cyclists, this is not the group for you!). We typically meet for lunch after a ride to share all the fun we experienced (like who won the final sprint)! We genuinely enjoy spending time together and there’s always room for new friends!!

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