Ride from Coast to Coast with Bike Florida

By FloridaBicyclist
Bike Florida Coast to coast tour
Photo provided by Bike Florida | Cyclists ride in a Bike Florida Coast to Coast tour.

Have you always wanted to ride the Florida Coast to Coast trail but weren’t sure how to plan the route and logistics? If so, Bike Florida might have a trip for you.

Bike Florida is hosting three Coast to Coast trips this fall: The women-only Sunflower Tour, a 55-plus Coed Tour and an 18+ Coed Tour.

Each tour’s route is primarily on Florida’s Coast to Coast trail system, according to Bike Florida Executive Director Lisa M. Lake. The trail, also referred to as the C2C, will be a continuous multi-use trail that connects St. Petersburg on the Florida Gulf Coast, with Titusville on the Atlantic Coast. It’s currently more than 80% finished.

Each tour is self-paced, but there are Bike Florida guides at the front and rear. Each rider also has Ride with GPS route links and printed maps. Finally, each route has directional arrows placed on the ground, or attached to signs.

“We run go-at-your-own-pace tours as part of our inclusivity mission,” Lake said. “We want everyone, no matter their average mile per hour, to feel included and successful.”

The tours costs between $750 and $775 and include three hotel nights at double occupancy (single rooms are available for an extra fee), SAG support, insurance, support staff, an event jersey, maps, a daily happy/social hour, and transportation from the finish back to the start. Breakfasts are included at the hotels, but dinner meals are not included.

The Sunflower Tour is for women, aged 21 and up. It runs from Oct. 26 – Oct. 29 and will cover 250 miles from Titusville to St. Pete.

The 18+ Coed Tour will start in St. Pete on Nov. 9 and end in Titusville on Nov. 12.

The 55+ Coed Tour also starts in St. Pete and ends in Titusville. It takes place Dec. 7-10.

For those cyclists who would rather complete the C2C on their own, there are a number of resources available including a Facebook Group and a guide book.

Bike Florida is a nonprofit organization that was started in 1992 with the goal of helping communities in the state expand their bicycle awareness, education and infrastructure through bicycle tourism.