Florida-inspired eBike released

By FloridaBicyclist
Florida-inspired eBike from Himiway
Florida-inspired eBike from Himiway

If you’re an eBike aficionado who lives in the Sunshine State, or just happen to have a Florida state of mind, this Florida-inspired eBike might be for you.

The bike, built by Himiway, boasts an oceanic color scheme representative of South Beach. The frame showcases iconic symbols of Florida, such as alligators, South Beach, orange blossoms and the Southernmost Point of the United States in Key West.

It may be difficult to get your hands on the Florida-inspired eBike, as only 100 of them have been built, according to Himiway. A California-themed bike was also produced and was inspired by Southern California sunsets, with the Golden Gate Bridge on one side and a Venice Beach sunset on the other. The frame is also decorated with stars from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

If a California or Florida-inspired eBike isn’t your thing, the company has plans to produce more state-themed bikes in the future.

“Himiway promises to continue this tradition of creating custom products for more states in the future, providing users with e-bikes that truly reflect their state’s identity and heritage,” the company wrote in a press release. “This approach to product design and development is a testament to Himiway’s commitment to providing an unmatched user experience and delivering on its promise of delivering high-quality, innovative products.”

These bikes are based on the Himiway Zebra, an all-terrain fat tire electric bike. The Florida-inspired eBike costs $2,299 and can be pre-ordered from Himiway’s site.

The Zebra is an updated version of Himiway Cruiser. It comes equipped with a 750W gear hub motor, 26-inch Kenda 4-inch tires, and a removable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity. The riding range of the Zebra eBike is 80 miles with pedal assist and 60 miles on electric power alone. The Zebra, which weighs 79 pounds, has a payload capacity of 400 pounds.